2023 Speak Our Truth Initiatives

About 2023 Speak Our Truth Initiatives

Speak Our Truth, Inc. is a nonprofit organization derived to provide education initiatives that remove the negative connotation of speaking out against sexual abuse in the African American community. Our mission is to raise global awareness to the effects of abuse, mitigate cycles of abuse, and end silence due to fear of retaliation, while providing ways of engaging and interacting with others and learning to heal.
Speak Our Truth is raising money to further our mission to spread awareness and educate the community on sexual assault through lunch n’ learns, retreats, therapist lead support groups, annual awareness campaigns and more. This campaign allows us to put together events that help survivors, family/friends, advocates, and supports on their journey to healing by providing resources at little to no cost but we can’t do it without your support.
We invite you to show your solidarity for survivors by donating, sponsoring, and encouraging friends and family to support our cause as well. Your support allows us to be a safe space for survivors and an educational resource to the community as we create strategy to remove sexual assault and work towards a safer healthier tomorrow.
For more information and opportunities to support contact Delashawn Bordeaux 972.757.5246 or email us at info@speakourtruth.org.
Thank you for your solidarity and support